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Automate your business processes and solve inefficiencies

Turnkey Implementation​

Start on the right foot with help mapping all of your internal operations and let us generate workflow automations to save you time and money.

Automate Tasks

Streamline your processes by automating tasks and supercharge your workflow efficiency for seamless productivity and growth.

Connect Your Apps

Connect your apps together so that information is shared seamlessly. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


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Use Cases

Save time by automating redundant tasks. Here's a few examples how we can help connect your apps.

CRM Enhancement
Integrate with your CRM for real-time data sync and customer history, enabling automated follow-ups.

Sales Team Collaboration Connect your apps to communication tools for real-time team updates and project-specific channels.

Contract/ NDA Management
Streamline your contract management processes for faster custom contract and NDA generation.

Social Media Posting and Engagement
Automate content scheduling, cross-posting, and engage with audiences across multiple social platforms for consistent and efficient marketing.

Lead Nurturing and CRM Integration
Connect marketing tools with your CRM systems to capture, segment, and nurture leads automatically, ensuring a seamless customer journey.

Email Marketing Campaigns and Analytics
Create and send email campaigns with automated triggers, responses, and data tracking for improved marketing efficiency and insights.

Expense Tracking and Reporting
Automate expense data collection and reporting for streamlined financial record-keeping and compliance.

Invoice Processing and Payment Reminders
Integrate invoicing software to automate invoice creation, tracking, and payment reminders for efficient accounts receivable management.

Payroll and Employee Expense Management
Automate payroll processing, including tax calculations, and efficiently manage employee expenses, ensuring accurate and timely compensation and reimbursement.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking
Streamline the hiring process by automating job postings, applicant tracking, and onboarding.

Employee Onboarding and Training
Automate onboarding tasks, including document collection and training assignments, to ensure a smooth and organized new employee orientation.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback
Automate performance review reminders, self-assessments, and feedback collection to streamline the employee appraisal process and promote continuous improvement.

Inventory Management and Restocking
Automate inventory tracking, reorder notifications, and restocking processes to optimize stock levels and reduce shortages.

Supplier Communication and Order Processing
Integrate with suppliers for automatic order placement and status updates, improving supply chain efficiency.

Maintenance and Equipment Monitoring
Automate equipment maintenance schedules and receive real-time alerts for equipment issues to ensure smooth operations and prevent downtime.

Ticketing and Case Routing
Automate ticket creation, routing, and categorization for efficient customer support handling.

Knowledge Base Updates
Automatically sync and update knowledge base content, ensuring accurate and up-to-date self-help resources for customers.

Customer Feedback Analysis
Collect and analyze customer feedback from various sources to improve support services and enhance the customer experience.

Make Apps and Implementation by MAKEITFLOW

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With thousands of apps available within Make, tasks that once demanded your time and effort become automated, boosting productivity and reducing errors. Free up resources, improve accuracy, and drive innovation by harnessing automations for your business processes.

Build the foundation for long-term success

Save time and energy by automating your workflow across different apps and become more efficient and productive.


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  • Get help with scenario building, app integration, workflow optimisation, and turnkey implementation.