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MAKEITFLOW (formerly known as Buzztronic) was founded through the collaboration of two accomplished professionals: Jason Keenan, a seasoned organizer and senior project manager with a career spanning back to 2008, and Katherine Dion, a specialist in the realms of social media and event management.

In 2017, they established Buzztronic Marketing with the primary objective of providing consultancy services for Google Ads and Meta Ads, alongside comprehensive social media management solutions. Over time, their service portfolio has expanded to encompass workflow automation through platforms like and

Given this evolution and the desire to better align with their core values and mission, a decision was made to rebrand and introduce a new name in 2023 – MAKEITFLOW.

Their overarching mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to establish a robust foundation for sustained success. This is achieved by meticulously analyzing their internal operations, devising efficient workflows and automations that optimize time management, and enhancing both internal and external communication processes.

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